Pozvánka na studentský workshop a konferenci v oblasti japonských studií

středa 6. únor 2019, 11:17

We would like to invite you to participate in the 11th edition of Students’ International Japanese Studies Workshop. It will take place on 8-13 April 2019, the first day in Kraków, and the rest - in Poronin, a small town located in the Tatra Mountains. 

The purpose of the workshop is to broaden the students’ understanding of the Japanese language, culture and society and deepen the cooperation between academics active in the field of Japanese studies in Poland and Europe. To do that we would love to create both spaces for students to learn and for researchers to share their knowledge - by preparing language classes, various workshops and lectures.

For the first time in the Workshop history, we will also hold a conference for young scholars on the opening day, focusing on the theme of normativity. 

Please see the attached files for details: