Zápis do individuálních lekcí

čtvrtek 31. leden 2019, 19:32

Dear students,

If you have XHZ2, HZ2, XJD1, JD1, XKY7, KY7X courses, please find the link below for signing up individual classes. Note that for this semester, the individual class will only last for 6 weeks so the absence limit goes down to only one. Feel free to contact me via liang-ting.juan@upol.cz in case you have any questions. The deadline for signing up is 7th of February before 18:00. 

(X)KY7(X) ppt.cc/fM2bUx

(X)JD1 ppt.cc/fqRTxx 

(X)HZ2 ppt.cc/fxOL6x

Best,Liang-Ting Juan