František Kratochvíl, MA, Ph.D.

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Kratochvíl F., Sio JU. VOT Contrasts in Zhongshan Min. Current Research in Chinese Linguistics. 2018.
Kratochvíl F., Delpada B., Perono Cacciafoco F. Abui landscape names: Origin and functions. Onoma: Journal of the International Council of Onomastic Sciences. 2016.
Foley B., Arnold J., Coto-Solano R., Durantin G., Ellison TM., van Esch D., Heath S., Kratochvíl F., Maxwell-Smith Z., Nash D., Olsson O., Richards M., San N., Stoakes H., Thieberger N., Wiles J. Building Speech Recognition Systems for Language Documentation: The CoEDL Endangered Language Pipeline and Inference System (ELPIS). Proceedings of the The 6th international workshop on spoken language technologies for under-resourced languages (SLTU'18). 2018.
Kratochvíl F., Binte Ismail NI., Hamzah D. Stance, categorisation, and information structure in Malay. In . (Eds.) Perspectives on information structure in Austronesian languages. 2018.
Klamer M., Kratochvíl F. The evolution of differential object marking in Alor-Pantar languages. Diachrony of differential argument marking. 2018.
Sio JU., Kratochvíl F., Motalová T. The First International Workshop on Cantonese Syntax. 2019.
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Course title Department/Abbrev. Semester Type Classes
Malay Linguistics 1 - History and Structure ASI/MAL1 ZS Se 1
Malay Linguistics 1 - History and Structure ASI/MAL1 ZS 1
Indonéština 7 DAS/IND7 ZS 2
Úvod do studia jazyka 1 DAS/4UJ1 ZS 2
Úvod do studia jazyka 1 DAS/5UJ1 ZS Cv 3
Úvod do studia jazyka 1 DAS/5UJ1 ZS 2
Historická a sociální geografie Asie DAS/HSGEO ZS 2
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