doc. Joanna Ut-seong Sio, Ph.D.

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585 63 3534

Katedra asijských studií

Filozofická fakulta

tř. Svobody 26



Functions & membership in academic & non academic bodies:

  • European Association of Chinese Linguistics (předseda, 2022–)
Sio JU., Tang S. Two types of aa3-nominals in Cantonese. Language and Linguistics. 2020.
Kratochvíl F., Sio JU. VOT Contrasts in Zhongshan Min. Current Research in Chinese Linguistics. 2018.
Sio JU., De Passos Morgado Da Costa LG. Enriching Linguistic Representation in the Cantonese Wordnet and Building the New Cantonese Wordnet Corpus. Proceedings of the Thirteenth Language Resources and Evaluation Conference. 2022.
Sio JU., De Passos Morgado Da Costa LG. Multilingual Reference Annotation: A Case between English and Mandarin Chinese. Proceedings of the 18th Joint ACL - ISO workshop on Interoperable Semantic Annotation (ISA-18). 2022.
Morgado da Costa L., Sio JU. CALLIG: Computer Assisted Language Learning using Improvisation Games. In Lukin SM. (Eds.) Games and Natural Language Processing (Games & NLP 2020). 2020.
Sio JU., Morgado da Costa L. Building the Cantonese Wordnet. In Fellbaum Ch., Vossen P., Rudnicka E., Maziarz M., Piasecki M. (Eds.) Proceedings of the Tenth Global Wordnet Conference July 23–27, 2019, Wrocław (Poland). 2019.
Sio JU. Demonstratives. Encyclopedia of Chinese language and linguistics. 2017.
Sio JU. Personal pronouns. Encyclopedia of Chinese language and linguistics. 2017.
Sio JU. Crazy Rich Asians (2018). Asian Ethnicity. 2018.
Sio JU. Good luck soup (2016). Asian Ethnicity. 2018.
Current courses
Course title Department/Abbrev. Semester Type Classes
Linguistic typology, language universals DAS/LTLU ZS Cv 1
Linguistic typology, language universals DAS/LTLU ZS 1
BA thesis seminar 2 DAS/BC2 ZS Se 0
Language Universals and Typology KAA/LUTY ZS Se 2
MA thesis seminar 2 DAS/DS2 ZS Se 0

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