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I have studies Czech and Dutch Studies at Charles University in Prague between 1995-1998. Subsequently I enrolled into Dutch Studies at Radboud University in Nijmegen (the Netherlands) where I also took Indonesian, anthropology, and field methods. This oriented me to my PhD studies in Leiden in General Linguistics. My thesis is a grammar of Abui, a Papuan language of the Alor Island of Eastern Indonesia, under supervision of Prof. Marian Klamer and Dr. Ger Reesink. As a postdoctoral fellow I joined the Research Centre for Linguistic Typology (RCLT) at the La Trobe University in Melbourne where I worked on the description of the Papuan language Sawila under the supervision of Prof. R.M.W. Dixon and Prof. Alexandra Y. Aikhenvald. In 2009 I took up the lectureship in Linguistics at the Hong Kong Baptist University. In 2010 I moved to the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore where I joined the Division of Linguistics and Multilingual Studies as an Assistant Professor in Linguistics. I taught courses on general linguistics, morphosyntax, language change, language contact, typology, and Malay linguistics. In 2017 I moved to the Palacký University in Olomouc to become the Head of Department of Asian Studies. I teach courses in general linguistics, linguistics of Asian languages, Indonesian language, Indonesian literature, culture, and history. I believe that education is a portal to new worlds and those who seek it shall find those worlds.

Office Hours:
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Tuesday 13:15–15:45 TS26 2.66 + online (Zoom)
Tuesday 09:00–11:15 TS26 2.66 + online (Zoom)
Thursday 08:00–09:30 TS26 2.66 + online (Zoom)
Friday 10:30–13:00 2.66 + online (Zoom)

Functions & membership in academic & non academic bodies:

Vědecká společnost

  • International Conference for Austronesian Languages (ICAL) (předseda, 2021–)
  • Societas Linguistica Europeana (poradce, 2023–)
  • Association for Linguistic Typology (poradce, 2009–)
Vomlel J., Kratochvíl V., Kratochvíl F. Structural learning of mixed noisy-OR Bayesian networks. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF APPROXIMATE REASONING. 2023.
Kratochvíl F., Moeljadi D., Delpada B., Kratochvíl V., Vomlel J. Aspectual pairing and aspectual classes in Abui. STUF-Language Typology and Universals. 2021.
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Kratochvíl F., Kratochvíl V., Saad G., Vomlel J. Modeling the spread of loanwords in South-East Asia using sailing navigation software and Bayesian networks. Proceedings of the 12th Workshop on Uncertainty Processing (WUPES’22) Kutná Hora, Czech Republic. 2022.
Kratochvíl F., Saad G., Delpada B., Vyzhlakov M. Onomatopoeia in Abui. In Körtvélyessy L., Štekauer P. (Eds.) Onomatopoeia in the World’s Languages: A Comparative Handbook. 2024.
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Kratochvíl F., Kundrát M., Parrott JK. Stem change in Sawila. 2023.
Kratochvíl F., Saad G., Vomlel J., Kratochvíl V. Automatic Verb Classifier for Abui (AVC-abz). 2022.
Kratochvíl F., Saad G., Delpada B., Kratochvíl V., Vomlel J. Inflectional and derivational morphology of the Abui verb. 2022.
Kratochvíl F., Kratochvíl V., Vomlel J. Learning noisy-or networks with an application in linguistics. 2022.
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Kratochvíl F., Saad G., Vyzhlakov M., Delpada B. Onomatopoeia in Abui. 2022.
Kratochvíl F., Sio JU., Arsenijevic B. Equative and Similative Demonstratives – A preliminary typology. 2018.
Kratochvíl F., Sio JU. Tone in Zhongshan Min. 2018.
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Sio JU., Kratochvíl F., Motalová T. The First International Workshop on Cantonese Syntax. 2019.
Ostatní odborná publikace (RIV)
Foley B., Arnold J., Coto-Solano R., Durantin G., Ellison TM., van Esch D., Heath S., Kratochvíl F., Maxwell-Smith Z., Nash D., Olsson O., Richards M., San N., Stoakes H., Thieberger N., Wiles J. Building Speech Recognition Systems for Language Documentation: The CoEDL Endangered Language Pipeline and Inference System (ELPIS). Proceedings of the The 6th international workshop on spoken language technologies for under-resourced languages (SLTU'18). 2018.
Current courses
Course title Department/Abbrev. Semester Type Classes
Tutoring DAS/MT ZS Cv 0
Tutoring DAS/MT LS Cv 0
BA thesis seminar 1 DAS/3BC1 LS Se 0
Introduction to the study of language 1 DAS/5UJ1 ZS Cv 3
Indonesian Language ASI/BI1 ZS Cv 2
Indonesian 1A ASI/BI1A ZS 2
Indonesian 1A ASI/BI1A ZS Cv 2
Indonesian 1B ASI/BI1B ZS Cv 2
Indonesian 2A ASI/BI2A LS 2
BA thesis seminar 2 DAS/BC2 ZS Se 0
BA thesis seminar 3 DAS/BC3 LS Se 0
Tutoring DAS/BT ZS Cv 0
Indonesian Language 3 ASI/BI3 ZS Cv 2
Indonesian 6A ASI/BI6A LS Cv 2
MA thesis seminar 2 DAS/DS2 ZS Se 0
History of Indonesia 2 ASI/HI2 LS 2
Indonesian in socio-cultural context ASI/ISKK LS Se 2
Modern Indonesian literature ASI/NIL LS Se 1
Modern Indonesian literature ASI/NIL LS 1
Rezervace místnosti ASI/REZMI LS 2
Older Indonesian literature ASI/SIL ZS Se 1
Older Indonesian literature ASI/SIL ZS 1
Historical and social geography of Asia DAS/HSGEO ZS 2
Indonesian 7 DAS/IND7 ZS Cv 2
Indonesian 8 DAS/IND8 LS 2
Dissertation module II - Social Sciences KDV/95MS1 LS Se 0
Dissertation module III - Social Sciences KDV/95MS2 LS Se 0
Asian Studies I: Literature review of the chosen research topic KDV/91AA1 ZS Se 0
Asian Studies II: Theoretical Framework KDV/91AA2 LS Se 0

Doctoral study on UP

Name Faculty Study programme Year of completion
ŠAMAJOVÁ FIF Filologie 2023
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