Petra Sváková, MA

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Katedra asijských studií

Filozofická fakulta

tř. Svobody 26



Office Hours:
Irregular Room number: Comment:
1.67 Pondělí, úterý a čtvrtek po předchozí emailové domluvě.
Sváková P. Iluze 환영. Plav : měsíčník pro světovou literaturu. 2020.
Current courses
Course title Department/Abbrev. Semester Type Classes
BA thesis seminar 2 ASK/DS2 LS Cv 0
Hanja 1 ASK/HZ1 LS Se 2
Hanja 1 ASK/HZ1 LS 2
Sejong Korean Culture 1 ASK/KC1 ZS Se 4
Business Correspondence ASK/OK ZS Cv 2
Special Lectures Other 3 ASK/PBJ3 ZS 2
Special Lectures Other 4 ASK/PBJ4 LS 2
Sejong Korean Conversation 1 ASK/SKC1 ZS Se 13
Sejong Korean Conversation 3 ASK/SKC3 ZS Se 4
Sejong Korean 1 ASK/SK1 ZS Se 8
Sejong Korean 2 ASK/SK2 ZS Se 4
Sejong Korean 2 ASK/SK2 LS Se 4
Conversation 1 ASK/19AC1 ZS Cv 10
Conversation 2 ASK/19AC2 LS Cv 20
BA thesis seminar 1 ASK/19DS1 ZS Cv 2
BA thesis seminar 2 ASK/19DS2 LS Cv 0
Korean 2 ASK/19K2 LS Cv 4
Topik 1 ASK/19T1 ZS Cv 3
Topik 2 ASK/19T2 LS Cv 3
Topik 3 ASK/19T3 LS Cv 3
Sejong Korean 3 ASK/SK3 ZS Se 4
Korean 1 ASK/19K1 ZS Cv 4

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